31 October 2018

I cannot believe I have made it until the end! These last fifteen days have been more difficult than any I have had when it comes to finding the time to work on this (time consuming) project. Regarding, however, the ability to draw whatever I have in my mind I feel I have progressed more than ever before! I’m really happy I did this challenge.

For now I will rest a bit and take things a bit more slowly. I don’t want to lose all my hard won ease though so I will still be drawing every day. Just not as hard and I won’t berate myself if I take two or three days to sketch out a new ideia! Or even not draw some day or another and enjoy some of my other hobbies which have taken quite a blow this month.

I’m also going to try to participate on #foltktaleweek so during the next few days I will sketch some ideas and work on my character building. Am really excited for that one!

Here is the result of my last inktober drawings.
Have a very nice week!

15 October 2018

Hello friends,

How have you been these past days? I’m still not used to having a blog so posts are yet to be regular, but I really wanted to share my progress with #inktober this month and how I’ve been doing so far.

So I planned as many themes as I could in advance and usually work on my sketches on my lunch break (at my work place) and then finish them when I get home at night. It’s already halfway through (finally!) and I’m beginning to feel a tiny bit tired, but the progress has been really great.

In the beggining I was really undecided with my sketches so I spent a lot of time doing my drawings again and again, but slowly I’ve become a bit surer of myself and it takes less and less time to illustrate the day’s post.

Here are my inktober entries so far 😉

Have a nice week!