Folktaleweek – Day 4

15 November 2018

This was a really difficult one to draw even If I loved the legend. I think I wasn’t really inspired when I started the drawing and by the time I came to the finishing touches I started wishing I had paid more attention in the beginning. I do like the final result but I am not in loveeeee with it.

Can’t wait to get to the end of the week and see all the work accomplished!

The legend of Floripes

It was little frequented a certain site in Olhão where a mill was set, now replaced by the Naval Group of Olhão. It was said that the few visits that this inhospitable place received were justified by the appearance at midnight of a woman in a white dress.

However, there was a man who went there every night, without any fear of falling asleep. It is not known whether by bravery or by drinking too much, the truth is that he went there and stayed there, even having the mysterious and white woman at his side.

During the day the man told the locals what had happened the night before – that he had fallen asleep again at the mill and that once more the woman in white had appeared. Nobody believed, but no one had the courage to go with him to witness the existence of the woman.

Once, a young man who was about to marry, was approached by the drunk, considered crazy. And he said to him:

“If you will come with me to spend the night at the mill, I will give you some land as a wedding gift.”

The offer was too good to refuse, and the young man accepted it.

That night they got together, and went to the mill, waiting there at midnight. And midnight has come. In that same minute, a woman comes out with a long white dress from inside the buckler, barefoot and with a flower inlaid in her also long blond hair.

The young man, astonished, asked who she was and what she was doing there and the answer was immediate:

“I am Floripes, an enchanted Moira. My father was a Saracen, and he was expelled from the peninsula, leaving me here because he did not have the opportunity to pick me up. He told me he’d come back to take me with him and I’ll wait. The same thing happened to my beloved who died in a boat trying to rescue me. Seeing my father that it would be impossible for me to return to his family, he enchanted me of the lands south of here.

The young man, who, with the unfolding of the conversation, even let go of some of the fear he felt, asked if there was any way to take the enchantment to the woman. And the Moira returned:

– There is. The first man to give me a hug and a kiss on the arm at the side of the heart will disenchant me and I will be able to return to the lands where my father is.

The young man was preparing to accede to the request of the moira when she continued:

“But be warned that this man, after disenchanting me, will have to come with me to North Africa, holding two lit candles in his hands and marrying me once there.

And the boy replied that in this case he could do nothing, since he was already committed to his love and would marry soon.

The Moira remained enchanted from there. And it is said that sometimes he was visited by a boy with a red cap – was he, too, enchanted?

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