Personal Projects, A Lesson

17 January 2019

As long as I remember I’ve had the ambition to, one day, illustrate (or even write!) a children’s book. And so, finding myself at a dead end with most of my creative projects I finally decided to give my dream a chance and start sketching and creating a character I’ve had in my mind for months. What I didn’t realize was that it would be the most difficult thing I had set myself up to yet!

Sure, I Illustrated books in high school and in college, but there is something very different about doing it for school and doing it as a personal project. Somehow, making this personal results in something much more difficult to decide on how I want everything to be.

I have no story yet. But the two main characters are clear as water in my head. A small three-year-old girl, with dark hair and bangs. A baby yellow duck, cute as anything you’ve ever seen, following the little girl around, as a faithful sidekick does a heroine. Except they’re both but babes, and their big adventures, are as big as anything is to a three-year-old.

It’ll be difficult to write their adventures. It’ll mean taking a trip down memory lane, and remember how I was as a three-year-old, spending my days at grandma’s house, having different challenges every day. And how my cute little duck (my very first pet, that I got as a gift from a friend of my mother’s) named Pompeu used to follow me around the small town. We even used to go the grocery store together with my Granny!

Maybe in a few months time I’ll have developed my idea into being.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, and I wish you a very happy weekend ahead.

Hugs and kisses,