21 February 2019

Its been a long time since I last worked with traditional materials and I’ve been both missing and dreading starting again. Since October last year (2018) I’ve been focusing a lot on digital work but the truth is that with each day that goes by I feel more and more the need to go back to my roots and pick up watercolour again.


Wanting to go back to traditional along with my desire to try mixed media with watercolour, colour pencil and gouache made me start working on a cover and spread for Alice in Wonderland. Filming the process made it an even bigger challenge.


I’m very new to this so the result is not what I envisioned. As I work full time as a designer, illustration is something that I’m only able to do on the side and I can’t get many “light hours” other than during the weekends. So the result was that I also had to work on weeknights and therefore the light changes (a lot) during the video. If I can make this work, one of my future investments will be some studio lights!


So here is the video of the cover progress. As for the spread, I have yet to start the sketching phase but I want to be able to have it ready as soon as possible, so maybe I’ll be able to share it before the end of March.


Hope you like it!

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1 February 2019

This week I had the pleasure of working on a collaboration with the blog “Portugal on a Map”, a blog about Portugal and its traditions, myths and legends, etc. If there is one thing I really like to illustrate are tales, stories and legends so I was very pleased when I received this invitation.

The collaboration was based on a Portuguese Belief about Good and Bad Time. Quoting Portugal on a Map “It is said that the Good hour had the role of warning that the Bad Hour was coming, alerting the villagers to go to their homes, while the Bad Hour was the harbinger of all that was evil – it brought hardship, punishment, plagues … even death. When it was sighted, everything stopped: the streams of the rivers stagnated, the wind ceased to give a signal, the hair of the animals bristled.

I hope to share new legends with you in the future. In the meantime, visit the blog “Portugal on a Map” to read more about this belief and others!

Portugal num Mapa: https://www.portugalnummapa.com/a-boa-e-a-ma-hora/

Hope everyone has a great weekend!