21 February 2019

Its been a long time since I last worked with traditional materials and I’ve been both missing and dreading starting again. Since October last year (2018) I’ve been focusing a lot on digital work but the truth is that with each day that goes by I feel more and more the need to go back to my roots and pick up watercolour again.


Wanting to go back to traditional along with my desire to try mixed media with watercolour, colour pencil and gouache made me start working on a cover and spread for Alice in Wonderland. Filming the process made it an even bigger challenge.


I’m very new to this so the result is not what I envisioned. As I work full time as a designer, illustration is something that I’m only able to do on the side and I can’t get many “light hours” other than during the weekends. So the result was that I also had to work on weeknights and therefore the light changes (a lot) during the video. If I can make this work, one of my future investments will be some studio lights!


So here is the video of the cover progress. As for the spread, I have yet to start the sketching phase but I want to be able to have it ready as soon as possible, so maybe I’ll be able to share it before the end of March.


Hope you like it!

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24 September 2018

(even though it’s still very hot weather around here!)

During the summer here in Portugal we go to the beach very often. However I also enjoy some quiet days, away from all the sunbathing people, drawing and visiting museums. It was during one of those trips that I decided to take my camera for the first time.

Hope you like it!

PS: this year I will try and publish a drawing for everyday of inktober and so this blog will be very inktober themed for the whole month!

17 August 2018

New Year’s resolutions are something that torments me all year long. Since I remember that every year I set goals for myself, and I reach this time of the year and realize that I haven’t ticked even half my boxes yet. If I’m able to check goals off my list by the end of August I’m in a really good year!

In the midst of the normal goals that are common to many people across this land, is what I think should be my main goal this year: working on my portfolio. Because of its comprehensive nature, this objective unfolds in many dimensions, which turns it bit of a monster.

In addition to redoing my website, a large part involves creating commissions for myself (work that I would like to be hired to do), developing my instagram, creating a blog, amongst others.

And well, it’s the middle of August and I’m maybe halfway to my goal. No doubt it’s something I remember and for which I work, if not all, then most of my days. From scribbling on my notebooks, to “wallowing” in HTML, to get my website up and running online.

Today was one of those days. Maybe because it’s summer, I’ve been itching to draw fruit, and today I did something I had not done in a long time: I drew on the beach. And it felt really, really good! So much so that when I got home I grabbed my pencils to continue and I cannot wait to see the final result.

I’m thinking of using these illustrations to make a kind of pattern for packaging but only time will tell what they will be in the end!

I took this opportunity to try out my new color pencils and realized that I missed it so much! I cannot always give a carefree style to my drawings as I want (perfectionist alert!), but I think the final result will be just fine for what I have in mind.

Have a nice weekend everyone!